We are available 24 hours 24.

Our service is always working and you can book the car exactly the time you need.

You travel with your group, wherever you want.

Thanks to the 7 Mercedes Class-V comfortable passenger seats, we provide a perfect service for the groups who want to travel together and in comfort.

You spend less than in taxi.

Thanks to Threeways service, the same stretch costs up to half the same travel by taxi.

You have the greatest freedoom.

We make connection in all the North of Italy, amongst airport, harbour and big city, but most of all we move wherever you want and whenever you need, and we pledge you the freedom that only a service with driver can offer.


Threeways provides a service of car hire with driver (NCC) that allow to go everywhere in total comfort, without useless waits, queues or worries.

Threeways has chosen for his fleet of cars, a modelwith seven passenger seats extremely comfortable, that make it suited with needs of families, tourists, business men and everyone who wants to travel comfortably and in group, without any restriction and without giving comfort and safety up.

Threeways has his principal seat in Novi Ligure, a little town near Alessandria in the Gavi’s famous wine region, and from this area it takes strength and inspiration. The culture bound to respect for nature, to wine industry and to typical products’ care of Piedmont countrysides, make this region extremely interesting, also thanks to the presence of many farm holidays and accommodations who suggest local wine and food tours.

Discover the routes and the available facilities in the area amongst Serravalle ScriviaNovi Ligure and Gavi.

Moreover, Novi Ligure and Serravalle are the two most comfortable cities to reach via train and to visit the McArthurGlenn Outlet of Serravalle Scrivia: Threeways is at your disposal for receive you at the railway station and for give you, in the last part of the journey, a comfortable, safe and relaxing  transfer and make sure that your shopping experience could start in the best way.

The name born from the combination of “tree” as the symbol of the natural world and as metaphor of the roads (ways) and both to the number “three” referring to the three charter members, and to the three traffic routes that, from Novi Ligure and Serravalle Scrivia, take off for the biggest cities of the North West with their harbours and airports: Milan, Turin and Genoa. In some way, here, all the roads bring to Serravalle.